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Light of the Locked World is an ambitious RPG with local multiplayer, inspired by oldschool MMOs.

Planned features:

Role-based progression system inspired by systems found in RuneScape, Skyrim, Ultima Online, and other games

Gain experience in ten roles, level up, gain points, and spend them to unlock perks in role perk trees.
Your character is unrestricted by classes but remains unique as you cannot master everything.

An uncommon setting

The game is set in a world that is a manifestation of ideas from western and high fantasy genres.

Slowly unfolding story

The nature of the story demands an approach that does not feature a grand opening, prophecies, or a player character with unusual powers.
Involuntarily become a citizen of the Locked World, attempt to start a new life here, and become entangled in the vast conspiracy.

Authentic non-player characters

All human non-player characters - NPCs - are almost identical to player characters.
There are many similarities, but the most important one is that NPCs have inventories that they can fully utilize - use healing consumables from them, equip weapons and armor, even pick up items.

Faction reputation system

Your actions will often change your reputation, which will change how characters will react.
High reputation unlocks such benefits as faction-exclusive merchants and items, while low reputation makes faction NPCs aggressive and uncooperative.


Your actions will often make permanent changes to the game's world.
Looted treasure chests remain empty, mortal characters die forever, resources are non-renewable.


Most numbers in the game are chosen to make the game slightly asymmetric.
This creates interesting situations, unpredictability, and rewards for an invested player.

Local multiplayer mode

All of the above works in the game's drop-in drop-out local splitscreen mode!
The game allows two players not only to cooperate but also to play competitively - duel, compete for rare resources and items, use the reputation system to divide the world.

A bouquet of classic features

Quests with cutscenes and dialogue, character appearance customization, sophisticated equipment system, crafting, trading, traps, books, spells, cities, secrets, and so on.

Install instructions

Extract .zip and run Light of the Locked World.exe to play.


Light of the Locked World 0.3.0.zip 19 MB

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