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Light of the Locked World is a role-playing game in which a portal malfunction takes you to the world of Kayos. Unable to return home, you have to start a new life and face challenges that will redefine you.

Planned features:

  • Slowly unfolding story: Survive a rough introduction to an unfamiliar world, try to find your place in it, and become entangled in the vast conspiracy.
  • You are not special: No prophecies, no strange powers. This extends to mechanics - player and non-player characters are almost identical.
  • Open and atmospheric fantasy world: Become a citizen of a world with a short history, coastal mining cities, developing democracy, magic-powered industry, lawless wastelands, infested ruins, and so much more.
  • Persistence: Your actions will make permanent changes to the world. Looted treasure chests never refill with goods, mortal characters die forever, resources are non-renewable.
  • Play together: The game has a drop-in drop-out local multiplayer mode for two players. Allows to cooperate or compete, does not require controllers.

Install instructions

Extract .zip and run Light of the Locked World.exe to play.


Light of the Locked World 0.4.5.zip 57 MB

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