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Price change
The game is cheaper?! Just an update on the price: I've changed it from $2.99 to $2. No action is required :3...
Purchases now include a Steam key
Hey all, Just saw a few other games here on offer Steam keys to people who buy the games here, and decided to do the same. To get a key you need to: "Ke...
Version 1.1.6: Mouse-only support improvements
Hey all, Just adding missing features for mouse-only: RMB in combat: Now used to inspect cards. MMB in combat: Hides inspection/action windows. RMB in the overw...
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Version 1.1.5: Mouse-only support, card buffs
Hey all! This small update adds an option to play without using a keyboard. To do that, go to options and enable "Move buttons" and arrow buttons will appear in...
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Version 1.1.2: Hand moving bug fixed
Hey all, Just a bug fix patch: Enemy AI used to move the player hand instead of its own, and that is now fixed. Big thanks to Red Phantom who found and reported...
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Version 1.1.1: "Soul" nerf, "Darkness and decay" buff
A small balance patch. 1) "Soul" card now "Creates 30 warmth over 15 turns". This should be a definite end of "Altar of Eternal Fire" + "Soul" + "Soul Guardian"...
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Magic of Autumn: Now available on!
Magic of Autumn is a card game with overworld in which everything can be turned into cards, that are used to win card battles. The game has been available on St...
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