The last update

This is the last update for the Cursed Legion.

New cards

  • Zeos, Shaper of Triumph
  • Escalon Rifflehound
  • Arcane Surge
  • ACS Independence
  • Aerometric Catalyst
  • Grotesque Embodiment
  • Helltail
  • Front Line Blader
  • Corrupted Lancer
  • Lieutenant Blake
  • Miasmic Rift
  • Protegon
  • Terrus Terminal
  • Elite Exterminator
  • Horror-33


  • Rare and uncommon cards are now more common.
  • Fixed structure playing glitch.
  • Removed links to Patreon and mentions of the game being in alpha.
  • Added button that gives 1500 silver.

Have fun!


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Feb 03, 2018

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