Update #3: Battle engine improvements, new cards, and more

The Cursed Legion now has a better battle engine!

Now it's more consistent and produces less unwanted events.

Another big change is new card skills and stats!
About a half of cards have been reworked to have new skill skills that do not target random enemies.

  • Laser X: Deals X damage to the last unit in the enemy row.
  • Smite X: Deals X damage to the enemy unit that is next to commander.
  • Beacon X: Restores X health to itself and nearby units.
  • Suppress X: Temporarily reduces the attack of three enemies in front by X.
  • Siphon: Enemy cannot play action cards.

With new skills comes new animations - most of the skills now have better animations.
I have also added a minor death animation.

Finally, I have added 10 new cards!

  • Martyr Queen Celsia - Uncommon Rebellion Commander.
  • Firehaul Supreme - Common Rebellion Unit.
  • Abandoned Warehouse - Uncommon Swarm Structure.
  • Pantheon of Void - Rare Legion Structure.
  • Aspect of Void - Rare Legion Unit.
  • Scytheous - Uncommon Corporation Unit.
  • Deathray - Uncommon Corporation Action.
  • Lord of Eruption - Uncommon Legion Unit.
  • Shagor's Fire - Uncommon Legion Action.
  • Rumbling Megacraft - Common Alliance Unit.

This update has changed the game quite a bit, so feedback on changes would be very appreciated!
Have fun!

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