The Cursed Legion development will resume in 2018

When I started working on the Cursed Legion, it was just an experiment, another one of my side projects.
Now I have decided that the Cursed Legion is too good to be just a side project.

Most of my time goes to development of Sector Six, that is my main project.
It's getting close to being finished and it keeps demanding more and more of my time.

Because of that, I only get 1-2 hours per week to work on the Cursed Legion, while my main project gets 3-6 hours per day!

So the best thing to do for the Cursed Legion is to postpone its development until I can turn it into my new main project.

Sector Six should be finished this year so the development of the Cursed Legion will resume in early 2018!

I won't continue working with a clunky battle engine, card editor, and other features.
I will recreate the Cursed Legion completely, it will be my main project, and it won't take long.

The Cursed Legion inherited a large portion of its systems from the other CCG I made.
It was a mere prototype, my first attempt to make a CCG.

Because I had no experience with CCG's, that prototype's - and so the Cursed Legion's - systems are very poorly made.
I could spend months trying to fix them and even then they wouldn't work as well as they should.

So instead the Cursed Legion will be remade from a scratch, to be greater than ever!
This includes story and card art.

My artist got a better software, so cards will look much better!

The new Cursed Legion will launch with multiplayer, original soundtrack and good sound effects!

To pay for them, there will be a paid version of the game.
The premium version will cost 3$ and will have some additional features and content.

The Cursed Legion will stay free, but instead of 100%, it will just 90% =P
I think that's a small sacrifice for multiplayer and good sound effects.

What's also good about the Cursed Legion having a premium version is that I will be able to release it on Steam with cards and other goodness!

I think that will be epic!

Thanks for playing and see you in 2018!

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